Petrov Ltd.

Factory for packaging

Since 1997


PETROV Ltd. offers sub/contracting and manufacturing agreements.

PETROV Ltd. is a Bulgarian company specialized in production of cosmetic bags; PVC transparent packages for cosmetics, perfumery, toys, make-up, auto accessories; eco, advertisement shopping and travel bags; promotional and advertising products.PETROV Ltd. offers complete solution, including designing products, sourcing relevant fabric, all kind of printing on textile, providing all sorts of branding – labels, embroidery, printing, sealing – cutting, sewing, manufacturing and packing the products according to given instructions such as patterns and templates.

We use a precise technology in cutting and sewing the products, using computer and robot machines that provide great capacity, speed, quality and competitive prices.

Founded in 1997, it is the leading Bulgarian producer of of cosmetic bags and PVC packages for cosmetics, perfumery, make-up, and all sorts of accessories and bags.