Petrov Ltd.

Factory for packaging

Since 1997

About us

Petrov Ltd. exists since 1997. The main activity of Petrov Ltd. is production of bags, cosmetic bags and pouches, packaging of PVC materials for cosmetic products, perfumery, toys, underwear, auto accessories and more, packaging of eco materials. We produce a wide variety of promotional items – backpacks, laptop bags, medical equipment cases, key holders, glasses and clothing cases, bags and more. Currently, the number of types of products we manufacture exceeds 2000 models.  
We offer design and manufacture of advertising products. We work individually with each of our clients and create models according to their needs and desires. Much of our work is outsourced to Bulgarian, French and Italian partners. We also offer subcontracting. For the last 20 years our company has become known for its excellent quality of production and its high professionalism not only on the Bulgarian but also on the European market. Petrov Ltd.’s products are on the market with the brands of: Papa Pique et Maman Coud, Go Travel, Nivea, Btl, A1, Fa, BU, Palmolive, Dove, Henkel, Breff. We have worked with manufacturers and retailers of perfumery and cosmetics such as Refan Bulgaria, Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo, Diet – Karlovo, Superfinish, Biofresh, GM Pharma, Tomy Show Cosmetics, lingerie manufacturers such as New Silhouette and sales representatives such as Unilever Bulgaria, Sarantis Bulgaria, Henkel Bulgaria, Axxon Bulgaria, Astra Bulgaria, Dodis International, Christian of Roma.